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Southcentre Mall optometrists offer the best optometric services at the lowest possible costs to all patients and the services are extensive.  Nothing is more important than your vision. A well-fitted pair of eyeglasses or contacts is necessary.  Book an appointment with Dr. Saleel Jivraj at our Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic.

Southcentre Mall Optometrists Offer Low Prices Without Sacrificing Quality

Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic has trained optometrists to correct any vision problems. 20/20 perfect vision is easier to obtain than before with Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic. If you are experiencing any type of loss of vision, whether you already have glasses or contact lenses then a visit to Southcentre Mall Eye Doctor is in order. Every two years is the recommendation for an eye exam.

Southcentre Mall Optometry Offers Convenient Online Booking

It is possible to book online and a scannable QR code is offered. Southcentre optometrist hours are extensive and include weekends and evenings.

  • Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturdays, 10 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM


Southcentre Eye Exams That Fit Your Schedule

The Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic is completely safe, with masks worn by staff. Other guidelines are also followed for public safety. Scheduling and exams are completed thoroughly yet quickly. No more taking off work or school to schedule an eye exam.


Southcentre Eye Doctors are Some of the Best

Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic is located conveniently at 100 Anderson Rd SE Spc 144, Calgary, AB T2J 3V1.  Call now at (587) 430-1911. All types of eye exams are available from nearsighted problems to farsighted problems. Even astigmatism can be addressed. Both regular glasses, contacts, bifocals, and traditional glasses with bifocals are available. Contact lens wearers are also welcomed.


Five Star Review Southcentre Optometry

Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic has five-star reviews based on the customer service and quality of the optometric services. Customer service does not stop with the initial eye exam. All patients are screened if requesting contact lenses, or contacts and glasses. Patients are encouraged to call back immediately with any problems should glasses come loose or contacts are irritating. Care of all glasses and contacts is explained in-depth and fittings of each are meticulously done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not usually. Contact lenses sit directly on the eye and therefore can be a little weaker. Glasses have a bit of distance from the eye to the glass lens. Therefore the prescription can be a bit stronger. It is a good idea to have both glasses and contact lenses so that eyes can have a rest from the contact lenses from time to time.

Astigmatism is a curvature of the eye that occurs in quite a few individuals. It can affect both near and far vision and each case is different. An eye doctor will look into solutions in glasses and contacts.

Yes, prescription eyedrops exist for this, and Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic can prescribe these if needed.

Come in for refitting as soon as possible. After wearing a while it is not unusual for glasses to become looser. A simple adjustment will fix this.

We provide special cloth. Don’t use paper towels or other rough types of fabric. Also do not use harsh chemicals like window cleaner. Gentle soap and water should be enough to clean your glasses. Scratches can mar the surfaces.

We provide a saline solution and you can also purchase one in any store or pharmacy. Rub the contact lens gently in your fingers after removal, and place them in a container we provide along with more saline solution.

Certainly. Many individuals do. There also is the option of wearing one bifocal contact lens and one regular lens which appears to enhance the vision without glasses at all.

An eye exam is necessary before any glasses or contact lenses can be ordered as vision needs change frequently.

Paediatric and Senior Optometry Screenings at Southcentre Mall

Children can have significant eye problems and senior citizens need regular eye exams as vision worsens as individuals age. The optometrists at South Central Mall Clinic have extensive experience in both children and seniors. Retinal imaging is available using the latest technology. Children who do not see well may not realize this and be prone to accidents. Seniors can develop cataracts and even glaucoma. Both children and seniors should have yearly eye exams.

Eyeglasses Can Be Trendy AND Affordable with Southcentre Mall Optometrists

Even though the prices offered by our team of committed specialists are some of the lowest available, does not mean that the glasses we offer are cheap looking or old-fashioned. Not in the least. We have designer frames that suit every personality and age group. We ensure that each patient is happy with their new look and proud to wear our glasses.

Book an appointment at Southcentre Mall

Customer service reps will answer any questions that patients have and will also book an appointment if you choose not to do so online. Eye exams and all optometry services are available, and there are times of the year when specials such as 50 percent off exist. This group of eye doctors in Southcentre mall is worth visiting for the finest in eye care and eyewear. Direct billing is also available to most insurances.

Southcentre Mall Eye Clinic Can Tackle Any Optometry Need

Southcentre mall optometrists provide quality care at affordable prices. The hours are extensive enough to fit any schedule and an online appointment setting makes it more convenient than ever to see a qualified eye doctor. Contact lenses can be reordered quickly and easily through the website, or clients can visit the clinic or call.

Curious about our Southcentre Optometry eye exam?