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Not only do the finest optometrists exist at Sunridge Mall Optometry, but the hours are extensive, with seven days a week services, opening at 10 AM and staying open until 6 PM or even 8 PM. Some holidays will affect the hours of course, but overall few others offer the number of times when patients can be seen that are this extensive.

A Convenient optometrist in Sunridge Mall

Vision is one of the most important senses individuals have. Unfortunately, most of us take this for granted and do not take care of our eyes as well as we should. Every optometrist will advise that everyone, even children, have a complete vision check-up at least once every two years. The reason most individuals put off eye exams and care for their eyes is because of time constraints.

Book Online at Sunridge mall

There is a phone number of course and an email but because individuals are short on time now, the easiest way to book is to visit the Facebook page and share all the information on your phone. Booking via mobile is as fast as possible for an optometrist in Calgary, AB. Syncing means faster quicker access to the services offered by this top optometrist.


Exceptional Optometric Services at Sunridge Mall

Just because the optometrists are fast and capable of scheduling rigorously, does not mean the quality of eye care is impeded as it is not. Only the most highly trained and experienced optometrists are employed at Sunridge Mall and they are committed to ensuring each patient receives the finest in eye care possible.

All Types of Eye Care Exist at Sunridge Mall

From nearsightedness and farsightedness to the intricacies of dual vision lenses for bifocal usage, as well as astigmatism problems, the optometrists in practice at this location can provide a solution. All age groups are included, from toddlers to senior citizens, and glasses and contact lenses are available.


Sunridge Mall Reduces Waiting Times

Of course, shortcuts will not be taken and each patient gets as much attention as necessary for complete satisfaction, but this optometric practitioner does value each patient’s time as well and really books appointments at great intervals so patients experience little to no time waiting to be seen.

Sunridge Mall Eye Care FAQs

Of course. You might have to wait on our glass fitting team a bit but these are minor adjustments usually.

There are prescription drops that we can prescribe that are available for this condition.

We do a complete eye exam and not all spots in the eyes indicate cataracts. Some are simply dark spots or white spots that are actually calluses of the eye and yes you can develop callused eyes if you use computers or mobiles a lot each day.

Both have different methods and our glass fitting team will sit down with you and explain how to take care of each.

Yes, definitely and many patients do want both. Glasses can break and contacts can be lost, so having both is a good option. In addition, if both nearsighted and farsighted then a combination might be needed.

Verified Five Star Reviews for Sunridge Mall Optometrists

Patients to this eye clinic are raving about the care they receive and the customer service that exists. Although many service providers have reviews not all are “verified” reviews, so these are the actual patients praising the services of this eye clinic. Referrals from others make up a great number of the patients that are seen at this stellar eye clinic and that speaks to droves about the quality of care.

In-depth Screenings Available at Sunridge Mall

Even though most individuals only need a basic check-up and glasses or contact lenses, there are glaucoma screenings and dry eye screenings and solutions. Cataracts can also be detected and recommendations for any extreme type of eye disease will be discussed by the eye doctors at this clinic. Cataracts and glaucoma many times go undetected until vision is lost and this is unacceptable to the professional eye doctors at Sunridge Mall.

Affordability and Trendiness at Sunridge Mall Clinic

Our glasses are well priced for most individuals but that does not mean they are “cheap” looking or old-fashioned. We keep on top of all the latest trends and styles from wire rims to fashion colors that pop! Come in and see the selection we have at your convenience as we welcome any visit at any time to check us out!

Sunridge Mall Eye Care Welcomes Inquiries

With our extensive hours, the ability to reach out via email and mobile, and of course through our Facebook page you can schedule or ask questions at any time. Simply call or text message: 587-430-1919 or email: info@sunridgeeyecare.com. Hours are usually 10 AM to 7 PM M-F and Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM although hours can change. Appointments are advised for the best service.

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