The Bailey Lovie Contrast Sensitivity test is a contrast sensitivity test and is a tool used to determine visual acuity for distance at normal and low contrast. It standardizes the test task, making the size of each row of letters the only significant variable. This is achieved by having the same number of letters per row, proportional spacing and a constant ratio of size. Therefore, this will test for visual acuity during nighttime driving since acuity during lightness and darkness is tested for.

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Night Vision/Bailey Lovie Chart
(Required for Police Recruits)

The night vision standard for either PIOL is the same as the standard for candidates who have undergone corneal refractive surgery.

Candidates who have PIOLs must obtain minimum scores on at least 2 of the 3 following tests. All testing is done binocularly with or without any spectacle or contact lens correction.

  • Bailey-Lovie Low Contrast Acuity in Room Illumination: minimum acuity of 0.20 logMAR
  • Bailey-Lovie High Contrast Acuity in Dim Illumination: minimum acuity of 0.30 logMAR
  • Bailey-Lovie Low Contrast Acuity in Dim Illumination: minimum acuity of 0.58 logMAR