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There’s a saying that your eyes are a window to your overall health. A Comprehensive eye exam in Calgary conducted by your local optometrist can reveal serious health problems such as cancer, vascular diseases, tumors, diabetes and high blood pressure. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that adults aged 19-64 should have an eye exam at least every two years.

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Did you know that Children 18 and under and Seniors 65+ get free eye exams in Calgary covered by Alberta healthcare?

The comprehensive eye exam in Calgary is a thorough examination of your prescription, overall eye health and visual systems. It is instrumental in preserving your irreplaceable vision for a lifetime. Our highly trained eye doctors take the findings and provide a customized experience based on patient needs.

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Sight Test

Not to be confused with a comprehensive eye exam, the sight test uses automated equipment to measure your prescription. A sight test is neither accurate or thorough, here are some of its shortcomings:

  • Cannot detect corneal or lens irregularities.

  • The eye itself is not examined during a sight test.

  • Serious health issues are not detected.

  • Cannot detect eye muscle function, eye alignment or pupil size.

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eye exam calgary includes

  • Analysis of patient visual demands your Market Mall optometrist may ask you questions about your school, home or work environment, and recreational activities.

  • Creating a file at Market Mall with your family health history including past vision and medical issues.
  • Detailed analysis of the visual acuity of each eye, individually, together and with corrective lenses.
  • Assessment of depth perception, color, and eye coordination.

  • A detailed assessment of the health of the eye.

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Screening and final analysis

  • Measuring of prescription at distance, intermediate and near.
    Your Market Mall eye doctor Calgary gathers all the data determines the best solutions for you.
  • Final analysis based on your eye care professionals’ experience and judgment. Recommendations for future eye care based on your history and data gathered from the exam.

Have you had your eyes checked lately?

Laser Eye Surgery Co-Management

Our doctors will assess your eyes to see if you are a candidate for LASIK. Healthy eyes with adequate corneal thickness would be required since tissues from the cornea will be removed in order to reshape the eye. The ideal candidate will be referred to an ophthalmologist for the surgery. After the surgery with the ophthalmologist is performed, we will then schedule you back in for a post-operative surgery follow up appointment with our doctors as part of our refractive surgery co-management program.