Enhance Moist Heat and Cold therapies with Blue Instant thermoeyes. Thermoeyes are optional gel packs that boost the original tranquileyes therapies by increasing temperature intensity. Thermoeyes tuck inside the goggle, replacing the thick gray moisture pad used for mild warm/cold treatments. A thinner white pad (thermopad) is soaked in warm (dry eye treatments) or cold (puffy eye treatments) and placed on top of the gel pack. For extra heat, snap the stainless steel disc inside the packet and the thermoeyes instantly generate heat. The heat lasts approximately 30 minutes.

  • Snapping action of the stainless steel disc activates the thermoeyes instant, generating heat.
  • Boiled before reuse.
  • After use, boil continuously in water for several minutes.
  • Ready to reuse again after they cool.
  • Reusable approximately 100 times for heat.
  • Blue instant version can also be placed in the freezer or refridgerator to boost and enhance cold treatments.
  • Each kit includes 4 gel packs and 4 custom moisture pads.