Thealoz® Duo – Dry Eye Drops

Thealoz® Duo – Dry Eye Drops

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Thealoz® Duo Eye Drops

These premium quality, professional grade artificial tears are recommended by our Optometrists to help treat both aqeous deficient and lipid deficient dry eye.  They also have natural anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce itchiness and burning without the side effects of traditional anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical such as steroids which may cause unwanted side effects.

Thealoz Duo Artificial tears contain trehalose 3% and sodium hyaluronate 0.15% in a preservative-free formulation
Trehalose protects the epithelial cells on the ocular surface, improving their resistance to daily stress of dry environments and tear film changes in a dry eye; it has very high water retention capabilities with both bioprotection and osmoprotection properties.

Sodium hyaluronate adds moisture by retaining water to hydrate and lubricate the surface of the eye – this allows for longer lasting moisturizing effect and less frequent dosing needs to keep your eyes feeling dry and comfortable and your vision clear.

Thealoz Duo Eye Drops are indicated for moderate to severe dry eye disease. Clinical studies have shown that a single drop of Thealoz Duo improves the thickness of the tear film for at least 4 hours (6 times longer than sodium hyaluronate alone).8 In one study, 62% of patients receiving Thealoz Duo were symptom free after 84 days, with significant improvements in blurred vision, stinging and itching.

Thealoz Duo is a hypotonic formulation (low osmolarity), which means it particularly addresses the hyperosmolarity of the tear film in chronic dry eye to effectively soothe symptoms.

The uniquely designed, patented, preservative-free bottle allows easy application.

Products containing preservatives can cause ocular surface toxicity, leading to inflammation and cell death. Using preservative-free eye drops supports the health of the ocular surface


Preservative-free relief from dry eye symptoms. Thealoz® Duo contains two proven dry eye therapies in one bottle:

  1. Trehalose: a natural substance present in many plants and animals that survive in extremely dry conditions. It helps protect the eye from dryness.
  2. Hyaluronic acid: a gentle solution that lubricates with long-lasting relief

Product Features:

The synergistic action of both Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid helps target different entries of the vicious circle and:

  • Hydration, bioprotection, and regeneration of the eye’s surface1
  • No preservatives or phosphates
  • Increases tear film thickness1
  • Reduces dry eye symptoms and damage to the eye’s surface
  • Can be used with contact lenses
  • Increases Goblet Cell density and reduces the epithelial metaplasia (29.8% increase in Goblet Cell density at 2 months)1

Ideal for Patients:

  • Moderate to severe dry eye
Size 10ml bottle
Form Drops
Preservative Preservative-free
After opening can be used for 90 days
Approx number of drops 300
Suitable for use while wearing contact lenses Yes
Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15%
Trehalose 3.00%
Viscosity Not supplied
Osmolarity Hypotonic
202 mOsm/kg
Phosphate free buffer Yes
Good for Moderate dry eyes
Moderate-severe dry eyes
Suitable for use in pregnancy & breast feeding There is no data to confirm safe but not aware of any potential adverse effects. If you’re unsure please consult your doctor.
Brand Thealoz
Manufacturer Thea Pharmaceuticals
Approximate weight 30g

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